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Bloomdale Vineyard Road Roundabout

DCE was the Leading Engineering Consultant manage the design and construction of Vineyard Road roundabout and road widening works for AVID Property Group as part of Bloomdale Residential Development in Diggers Rest.

Vineyard Road Roundabout & road widening works were a critical infrastructure for Melton City council to support the new developments and increasing traffic volumes in and around Diggers Rest area.

DCE was responsible for all stakeholder coordination including liaison with mainly VicRoads/DoT and Melton City Council, functional design, detail design for Roads & Drainage works for Vicroads/DoT and all other associated infrastructure works.

This Infrastructure works involves construction of a temporary diversion road to allow the traffic flow while constructing the new road and construction of a new roundabout to allow new developments to easily access Vineyard Road.

AVID Property Group

Diggers Rest, Victoria

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