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DCE was engaged by Sandown Park and Greyhound Racing Victoria to establish the successful recycled water project with estimates projecting the racing venue would have saved the club around 15 million litres of water in its first year.

The works formed part of The Sandown Water Self Sufficiency Project, established as a result of DCE's water audit into Greyhound Racing Victoria's 14 venues.

The project aimed to secure an alternative and sustainable water supply that will be suitable for track irrigation and can mitigate the club against business interruptions due to increased water restrictions.

Chief Executive Matt Corby declared that the project ensured jobs will be retained which were previously jeopardised by the lack of water. The Water Minister Tim Holding praised the club and DCE for installing the technology and making a significant contribution to Victoria's water knowledge.

The project became a model for all other greyhound racing tracks in Victoria with DCE applying the same project principles to additional greyhound racing facilities such as The Meadows.

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