Oak Grange – Flood Mapping

Project Details


Brighton East, Victoria



Stockland engaged DCE to assess development options for levels and earthworks for the redevelopment of the Oak Grange retirement village in Brighton East.

A variety of options were investigated. All options needed to result in no adverse impact to the surrounding urban environment whilst providing protection to:

  • The vulnerable residential community.
  • The building structure, including access to underground parking.

DCE adapted a catchment-scale TULFLOW model of the Elster Creek catchment to provide increased resolution and data sensitivity at and around the subject site. DCE worked closely with the project architects to trial multiple options for the site, ensuring that only mitigation options that were practical were investigated, in keeping with the pragmatic nature of the flood investigation.

DCE proposed a multi-use garden area adjacent to Union Street and Elster Creek that was ultimately selected as the preferred option. In extreme rainfall events, the garden provides additional flood storage—protecting Oak Grange and adjacent properties from flooding. In normal conditions, the garden provides streetscape amenity and increased urban cooling within a highly-developed area.