Coburg Stormwater Harvesting & Reuse

Project Details


Coburg, Victoria


Yarra Valley Water

The Coburg Stormwater Harvesting Project for Yarra Valley Water will provide recycled stormwater to sustainably service the proposed Principle Activity Area in Coburg. The project has secured federal government funding through the National Stormwater Grants in 2010.

DCE has been involved in the project from the concept design stage. The project won the Stormwater Victoria Award for Excellence in Master planning and Design in 2010. The project involves designing a large 8ML underground storage tank at the McDonald Reserve, Coburg, off-take structures from the Harding Street main drain, a local council drain and connection to the stormwater treatment plant.

In the functional design stage a stormwater flow survey has been conducted and used to calibrate the hydraulic model. The last 20 years of rainfall data has been used to test the reliability of the project through recent drought periods.