Centre Road, Huntingdale

Project Details


Huntingdale, Victoria


Stirling Global

DCE is currently working with Sinclair Brook on the Centre Road, Huntingdale project.

Located on 18Ha on Centre Road in Huntingdale, this residential development is located on a former sand quarry that overlooks the exclusive Huntingdale Gold Club.

Following its closure, the site became a dumping ground and is now considered contaminated with several zones determined based on severity of contamination.

The quarry hole is close to 20m deep and as it is located at the low point of the site, it regularly acts as a pseudo retarding basin. DCE has assisted in the management and design of the remediation of the site in addition to the backfilling of the quarry hole.

DCE is superintending the earthworks contract that will involve close to 700,000 cu.m of fill from a variety of source sites. The volume of fill to be brought to the site was reduced due to the efficient reuse of the onsite material.

In addition to this, DCE is also completing non-standard designs for the on-site detention and treatment works and general subdivision design