International Women's Day


Tuesday 8th of March 9:23 AM

Today is International Women’s Day – an opportunity to acknowledge the women in the workforce, the progress they have made, and the work that is still to be done.

The UN Theme for 2022 is Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Women are at the forefront of climate change activism and solutions, and some of the most impacted by climate destruction. These themes are about deep global impact - not just of the work women - but also the greater risk posed to them if ignored. Whilst we celebrate the advances women have made in the workforce, we must acknowledge the amount of work that still needs to be done!


  • We believe in gender equity and the fundamental principle that gender is not a barrier to success in our industry.
  • We provide equitable opportunity and career development for all.
  • We recognise the historical and social gender disadvantages and have made a conscious decision to foster a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace environment.
  • We are committed to empowering women within our company and our industry as part of our larger strategy to attract, develop and retain the best talent.