DCE Update - COVID-19


Thursday 16th of April 4:23 PM

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Further to our update provided on 11 March 2020, DCE is pleased to provide the following details on our COVID-19 and WFH Arrangements.

In these uncertain times, DCE is fully operational and can confidently provide clients with the certainty of delivery. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, DCE already utilised progressive flexible working arrangements and as a result has been able to seamlessly relocate all employees to a virtual office.

With a proactive management team and a dedicated COVID-19 Taskforce, DCE has been able to act swiftly and professionally in rolling out infectious disease procedures with minimal disruption to operations. This program has been a great success with DCE now operating nationally as a virtual office.

We can proudly say it’s business as usual at DCE – albeit virtually.

Key features which have allowed DCE's smooth transition have been outlined below.

Upgrade to Infrastructure & Hardware
In early March, DCE’s COVID-19 Taskforce worked closely with IT Consultants and Telstra to upgrade all required infrastructure systems. This has included quadrupling our internet capabilities to allow for the increase in remote server access and rolling out additional hardware to ensure any potential operational interruptions would be kept to a minimum.

Microsoft Teams & VoIP Phone System
In 2019, DCE switched over to a VoIP phone system and rolled out Microsoft Teams nationwide. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. DCE can communicate with the entire organisation via the MS Teams systems and managers hold a video conference at least once a day with team members to confirm there are no barriers to project deadlines being met. The VoIP phone system means all phone numbers including direct lines remain active and in use.

Project Management - UniPhi
DCE implemented its project management software UniPhi in 2018. Developed by an Award-winning technology company, UniPhi is on the front-line of innovative web and mobile solutions for project, portfolio and program management. DCE is passionate about being at the forefront of innovative and efficient project delivery and the implementation of UniPhi is a great example of this.

Data & File Management – 12d Synergy
In 2017 DCE began using 12d Synergy for data and document management. 12d Synergy is a top-rated data management and remote working solution for architectural, engineering and construction offices to work and collaborate with large engineering data. DCE utilises 12d Synergy data management and collaboration software to seamlessly manage the technical data generated on projects. All data transferred is encrypted to ensure data security giving DCE and our clients piece of mind.

Construction Sites
Should a physical presence be required on a construction site, all employees have been instructed to follow the Guidelines for the Building and Construction Industry. These Guidelines incorporate the “Best practice for managing construction sites in the coronavirus environment” issued by the Victorian State Government but go beyond the required measures.